2021 Encampment Information:

Maine will be hosting TWO seperate encampments this year:

Week One: July 28 through August 4

Week Two: August 4 through August 11

Week One Schedule:

July 28     Check in time is 12:00 p.m. (Noon)

August 4    Graduation at 10:00 a.m.

August 4    Leave the facility at 11:00 a.m.

Week Two Schedule:

August 4     Check in time is at 2:00 p.m. (1800)

August 11    Graduation is at 11:00 a.m.

August 11    Leave the facility at 12:00 (Noon)

Week One

Chain of Command for Encampment

Maine Encampment Commander: Maj David Edwards 207-514-5505

Maine Commandant of Cadets: TSgt Selena Cowland

Maine Director of Cadet Programs: 1Lt Rhonda O’Shea 207-776-0146


Cadet Encampment Commander: 2Lt Matthew O’Shea 207-318-7151

Cadet Deputy Commander: 2Lt Michael Cowland

Cadet Executive Officer: Maj Andrew Gousse

Cadet 1st Sergeant: SMSgt Charles Vadakin

Week Two

Chain of Command for Encampment:

Maine Encampment Commander: Maj David Edwards 207-514-5505

Maine Commandant of Cadets: TSgt Selena Cowland

Maine Director of Cadet Programs: 1Lt Rhonda O’Shea 207-776-0146


Cadet Encampment Commander: 2Lt Matthew O’Shea 207-318-7151

Cadet Deputy Commander: 2Lt Sarah Neal

Cadet Executive Officer: Maj Andrew Gousse

Cadet 1st Sergeant: SMSgt Josiah Lackey

Maine Wing Encampment 2021

Packing List

ABU Uniform Items (minimums)

  • 2 ABU blouses and trousers

  • 7 ABU undershirt (desert tan) 

  • 1 ABU belt (If you do not have an ABU belt, then bring any belt)

  • 1 ABU cover

  • 1 Pair of black boots (broken in and shined)

  • 8 Pair of black cotton socks (boot length or higher)

  • Insignia

  • CAPID Card

PT Uniform 


Tan or black t-shirt, black or dark blue shorts, running shoes (sneakers, preferably black)

(Cannot contain any inappropriate clothing:  Which includes but not limited too, ripped, torn, frayed or patched clothing, tank tops, extremely short shorts/skirts, undergarments worn as outer garments, bathing suits, and any garments which are revealing, tightly fitted or contain obscene, profane, or lewd words or drawings)

Class C Blue Uniform    (If you do not have a complete set of blues, bring black dress pants/skirt and a white button up shirt)


Male/Female Specific

  • 1 light blue Air Force blouse

  • Ribbon set and rack

  • Rank insignia

  • 1 Trousers/skirt, dark blue

  • 1 Belt with silver metal buckle 

  • 1 Pair black dress shoes/pumps (Must meet CAP Standards)

  • 2 T-shirts, white v-neck (no graphics)

  • 1 Name plate (regulation with correct name)

  • 1 CAP Cadet flight cap with correct insignia


  • 8 pair Undergarments

  • 3 Bras,(females only)

  • 3 dark (blue or black) PT shorts 

  • 1 pair Sneakers - Running/PT sneakers

  • 1 pair Shower shoes

  • 1 Raincoat or rain poncho

  • 1 Sweatshirt/Sweatpants for cold weather (Optional)


  • Notebook and Pens and pencils, at least 2 each

  • Ruler, 12 inch

  • Binder to hold writing materials (Optional)

  • 3 Cloth Masks or 15 disposable.  Masks may be necessary when indoors in classrooms

  • Hygiene products (appropriate to gender)

  • Laundry bag

  • Bug spray and Sunscreen

  • Flashlight and batteries (MUST)

  • Shoe shine kit

  • Canteen/water bottle

  • 1 MODEST swimsuit (MUST be one-piece for females, shirt and shorts for males)

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Personal Care

    • - Moleskin/blister bandaids

    • - Foot powder - put inside your boots to help avoid blisters and smells

    • -          Medications as necessary

Sleeping Items

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow (with pillow cover) 


  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • **Shower Bag/Shower Caddy (for transporting items to and from the showers and tents)

  • Soap

  • 2 Towels (showers and for waterfront activities)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

  • Deodorant 

  • Hairbrush/comb

  • Necessary hair products for females (hair ties, bobby pins, hairspray)

                                            PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS/DRUGS                                              

All prescription drugs will be assigned to the cadet to whom they are prescribed and will be entrusted to his or her care and control.  All other drugs will be confiscated.  However, all medications will need to be disclosed when arriving and the medication will be recorded in a report.


Firearms, knives, explosives, matches, lighters, cellphones, electronic devices, sunglasses, jewelry and other similar items, money greater than $25.00.  Tobacco products of any kind, non-religious reading material, lewd or otherwise inappropriate pictures of any kind, energy drinks, or any food or drinks not ordered by a physician.  Other items not listed may be considered contraband and dealt with appropriately.


Items found in the possession of cadets that are considered contraband will be surrendered for the duration of the encampment and will be in the care and custody of the Encampment Commander or Commandant of Cadets.  Illegal items of contraband will be confiscated and disposed of; not returned to the cadet.  In some cases, a cadet found in possession of illegal materials may be sent home.


We will be having physical activity and training EVERY DAY, rain or shine!  We will be doing calisthenics, games, swimming, ropes courses, canoeing, rappelling, running and marching, as well as so many other physical activities, they are too numerous to mention.  HELPFUL HINT - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL ENCAMPMENT TO THINK ABOUT YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS.  For a better Encampment, start practicing and working out now!

Remember - we won’t just be looking at physical fitness during our week, we will also be doing daily Uniform, Drill and Bunk inspections.   


Before you arrive at the encampment, there are a few things that you should prepare your uniform for. First, be sure that your uniform is ironed and looks professional. REMEMBER, as of June 15th of this year BDUs are no longer authorized. THEREFORE, make sure you have a proper uniform - ABU ONLY.  Be sure you have the correct insignia on your uniform and that the insignia is in the correct place.  Please refer to our Uniform Regulation at:  CAPR 39-1.  Refer to Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 especially.  CAPR 39-1 Uniform Regulation  See Page 68, Figure 5.2 and information there for ABU information.

MAKE SURE that your boots are broken in. If not, then you have the risk of blisters and other unpleasant issues. (Make sure you pack moleskin and bandaids in case you do develop blisters).  If your boots are new, we recommend that you wear your boots before the event until they are fitted for your feet. 

Some other things that will help you enjoy your time at encampment are:

-Getting used to hydrating yourself often

-Going on walks to prepare for the marching - there will be a lot of marching.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this outstanding experience at encampment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the encampment cadre. We look forward to seeing you there!

Civil Air Patrol has a Cadet Physical Fitness Program Pamphlet.  The information following is from this Pamphlet:  Cadet Physical Fitness Program  PLEASE SEE THE PAMPHLET IN FULL, AS WE HAVE ONLY HIGHLIGHTED A FEW ITEMS FROM THE PROGRAM HERE.  Civil Air Patrol also has an Active Cadet Fitness Guide.  Please review this fitness guide for more information:  Active Cadet Fitness Guide 


  1. Get on the floor on all fours, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Extend your legs back so that you are balanced on your hands and toes. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe without sagging in the middle or arching your back. You can position your feet to be close together or a bit wider depending on what is most comfortable for you.

  2. Before you begin any movement, contract your abs and tighten your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Keep a tight core throughout the entire push-up.2

  3. Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

  4. Exhale as you begin contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands to the start position. Don't lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent.


  1. (The starting position can be either on the floor or while standing up while practicing) Stand up or sit down with your arms above your head and your feet flat on a surface.

  2. Inhale, then start bending forward, exhaling as you bend. Try to touch your toes.

  3. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Curl Up

  1. Start on your back, with your knees flexed and feet about 12 inches from buttocks.

  2. A partner will hold your feed while being tested.

  3. You will cross your arms and place your hands on opposite shoulders, while holding your elbows close to your chest.

  4. Keeping this arm position, you will raise your trunk by curling up to touch your thighs with your elbows.  Then, you will lower back to the floor so that your shoulder blades touch the ground.

  5. This is a ONE MINUTE test.


(The plank is not required to pass the PT test, but is very helpful for the other exercises)

  1. Start on all fours, but instead of being on your hands, start on your arms.

  2. Keeping your body straight, lift your knees from the ground so that your feet and arms are the only thing suspending you off of the ground.

  3. Maintain your position for as long as you are able.

Mile Run

  1. At the command, “Ready, GO” you will start running and your time begins.

  2. You may run, jog or walk during this event.

  3. It is important to watch for hazards and monitor yourself for injuries or exhaustion.


Camp William Hinds Summer Camp is located at

 146 Plains Road, Raymond, Maine 04071

Camp Hinds is located on over 300 acres of land on Panther Pond in Raymond, Maine. Less than an hour outside of Portland, Panther Pond is part of the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine.  Camp Hinds is owned and maintained by the Pine Tree Council, Boy Scouts of America. 

The camp was founded in 1927*, and over the years has grown to include a number of facilities and buildings including a new 499 seat Dining Hall along with a new council office in the basement, Health Lodge, Recreation Hall, Trading Post, Craftshop, Rotary Training Center, High and Low Ropes Course and waterfront areas. Several buildings are used for year round camping but Camp Hinds is used primarily as a traditional resident summer camp. When not serving as a summer camp, various Scout units for the area can be found utilizing its many campsites and buildings throughout the fall, winter and spring months.


We thought we would share some expectations about our encampment:

CAP is dedicated to enriching an organizational culture built on inclusion of and appreciation for all diverse populations in our country.  The Mission of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise and solidify their moral character.  Encampment is “an immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life”.

GOALS:  The overall encampment program sets goals for each cadet-student as an individual – what CAP hopes that cadet will know, do, or value as a result of encampment. Second, encampment is a learning experience for each member of the cadet cadre, so the program sets goals for those advanced cadets. Third, it is not enough that each cadet succeed individually; encampments aim to foster teamwork, so the program sets collective goals for the flights as teams. Fourth, encampment is a venue for adult CAP members to grow as leaders of cadets, so the program sets goals for those individuals.  


Disrespect, contempt, dishonor, discourtesy, hazing, bullying, bad language, inappropriate actions, ridicule, snobbery, disregard for the rules, defiance or a disregard for the CAP Core Values.

Our Encampment will be challenging - but it will be a safe place to learn, make mistakes, have triumphs, make new friends and be totally immersed in a program completely dedicated to your growth, advancement and success.

Words of Encouragement

You got this!

When you start packing and preparing for your Encampment experience, you might start to feel worried or overwhelmed instead of excited.  Remember that everyone feels things differently and there is no right way to feel.  Being anxious is part of the experience.  Being excited is part of the experience.  The 2021 Maine Encampment is going to challenge you in ways you cannot guess - in ways that you might not expect.  But, do not worry about the challenge, instead, think about all that you have to gain from new experiences.  

The people involved in this year’s encampment BELIEVE IN YOU.  We are here to inspire, teach, guide and challenge you. You are not in this alone, you will have guidance, direction and support!

2021 Maine Wing Encampment Information is HERE!!!!

Maine Wing will run a Hybrid Encampment this year with some virtual at home learning and investigations as well as 6 days of in-person training and education at the Boy Scouts of America camp facility in Raymond, Maine - CAMP HINDS!

Camp Hinds is a beautiful, multi-building and facility camp located on the shores of Panther Pond in Raymond Maine.  At Camp Hinds, our cadets will have use of the waterfront activities as well as the team building and confidence building opportunities which include high and low ropes courses, climbing wall and zipline.  Additionally, our cadets will be meeting with FAA instructors and learning from the Federal Aviation Administration itself information regarding air traffic control and other opportunities available to cadets within the aerospace industry.  

We will also be including an at home virtual portion of the Encampment this year, allowing for us to have appropriate social distancing while on the Camp Hinds property.  Because of this addition, we will have approximately 35 students on the property at at time, running 2 sessions of in-person, direct training.  You will be able to indicate your preference as to which week you would like to attend!

Camp Week1 will run from July 28 through August 4 and Camp Week 2 will run from August 4 through August 11.  These weeks will be IN PERSON at the Camp facility.  

Each student cadet’s cost for the ENTIRE Encampment experience, including the virtual and in-person sessions at Camp Hinds, including meals and use of all elements will be $195.00* total.  

Make your summer plans now!  Maine Wing Encampment will be the place to be!  Swimming, flying, zipline, ropes courses, team building, socializing, learning and training!  Don’t miss your chance to meet with the FAA, learn more about aerospace, leadership, fitness, character and our many guest speakers and interactive virtual opportunities!



To register: Cadet Cadre and Students need to submit the following forms:

  1. CAPF 60-80 Permission Slip,
  2. CAPF 60-81 (aka CAPF31) Application for Encampment/Special Activity, https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F_060_081_Application_for_Encampmen_158312DE11C37.pdf
  3. CAPF 160 Health History Form, https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F160_158EAB9B13D02.pdf
  4. CAPF 161 Emergency Information https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F161_023ECA81C03FB.pdf
  5. CAPF 163 O-T-C Medications https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F163_7154E3E39FAFE.pdf
  6. and a fee of $195.00 (**apply for your CEAP Assistance - see below)**
Mail all Registration forms and Fee (Unless you have applied for CEAP) to:
CAP Maine Wing HQ,
P.O. Box 5006,
Augusta, ME 04333-5006,

The fee must be paid in full with the registration paperwork. Checks should be made out to CAP Maine Wing HQ. At this time, all registration forms must be submitted through the US Mail.

Apply for CEAP - Cadet Encampment Assistance Program

APPLY FOR CEAP (Cadet Encampment Assistance Program) - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.Events.Web/Modules/CEAP.aspx

For those cadets in need of financial assistance for encampment, funding may be available through CAP's CEAP initiative. Financial assistance should be applied for as

soon as possible, as funding is limited. This money is a benefit from our Air Force support and does not come from Maine Wing - Do Not be Shy! Apply Today!

Financial help may also be available through your local squadron. Squadron Commanders or the Squadron DCC may be able to provide advice and information regarding financial assistance.

Packing lists for the various activities will be made available no later than June 15 2021.

**Students and Cadre registering from Wings other than Maine Wing will need to contact their own Wing Commanders to obtain permission to participate in the Maine Wing Encampment.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Maine Wing Encampment 2021.

Information contact:

Maj. David Edwards, CAP, MEWG Cadet Programs

email: david.edwards@mewg.cap.gov

phone: 207-514-5505



August 1 - August 9


Camp Hinds, Raymond, Maine

$200.00 all-inclusive Registration Fee

First Year Encampment Students    Report August 1

Advance Encampment Students    Report August 1

ES Academy Students      Report July 30

Cadre    Report July 30


Waterfront Activities on Panther Pond

High Ropes Course & Low Ropes Course

Rifle Range, Supervised by Range Officer with NRA Training

See https://www.facebook.com/MEWGCADETS/ 

2020 Maine Wing Encampment Commander: 

Maj David Edwards

2020 Maine Wing Encampment Cadet Commander: 

C/Lt Col Isabella Hammond

Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program or CEAP (say, "seep"). An inability to afford encampment should not hold back cadets who want to participate in encampment.

 Eligibility:    Financial Eligibility. Assistance is targeted towards families who cannot easily afford encampment. Priority is given to families enrolled in federal programs (Snap, WIC, Title I, SSDI disability, etc.) but other families self-identifying a financial need are welcome to apply, including families with two or more cadets in CAP, recently unemployed, or those experiencing other financial challenges.   First-Year & Returnees. Priority is given to first-time encampment attendees, but graduates wanting to attend a second or third encampment are welcome to apply.

What assistance is available?  Cadets and their families may apply for assistance with encampment fees, uniforms, or both. Tuition. Encampment fee assistance will cover 100% of the tuition fees and will be paid directly to the hosting wing. Uniforms. Uniform assistance is provided in the form of vouchers that may be used for specific uniform items at Vanguard. The  voucher may be for $75 or $125, depending on the priority level of the cadet.

 How do I apply?   Visit eServices, open the "Cadet Encampment Assistance Program" module, and follow the on-screen instructions to apply for CEAP. However, you will also need to apply for encampment itself, if you haven't already. Click here for a more detailed walk-through of the application process.

 Timeline        March 1             CEAP applications open for spring and summer encampments.